Building Your All-Star Team


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How to Build Your All-Star Team!

3 Fundamentals to Building an All-Star Team With Less Drama,
More Clarity, and the Greatest Chance for Success

Thousands try to build strong, effective teams with motivated people that work together WITHOUT drama.

Very few succeeded!

Will you be one of the lucky ones?

Get the simple team-building system that provides clarity and removes team drama. This is the key to building an all-star team with the greatest chance of success.


Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Financial Future?

  • A 3-part equation for team-building wizardry even some of the most famous business leaders fail to master. (The reason they miss the mark is because it seems too simple, too easy, too beneath their CEO salaries and private jets.)
  • The truth about finding the right team members! (Once you define exactly who you are looking for, the reticular activating system in your brain will start pointing them out to you.)
  • The "Mirror Method" system of goal setting that dramatically increases your odds of success. (This seemingly juvenile method is responsible for making me rookie of the year in my first sales job, and turning each of my 4 businesses into 7-figure corporations. It works!)
  • The 7 areas of life that can quickly turn your hopes and dreams into reality. (And why anything else can derail your life.)
  • The 3 fundamentals of team building as important as blocking and tackling are to winning football championships. (Don't be deceived! These sound simple, but their effectiveness CANNOT be overstated. Ignore them at your own risk.)
  • Master these two A-level attributes and you'll be successful with almost any team. (If you ignore them, you could be headed for serious trouble.)
  • The 3-step "track and field'' method for motivating your team and improving morale. (As obvious as it seems, far too many business leaders - who think they understand - end up falling flat on their face.)
  • A scary simple and revelatory way to assess how much, or how little your team members respect you as their boss. (Within seconds you'll know what they really think about you. WARNING: This could hurt!)
  • 3 ways to have the attitude of a sales superstar, and inspire your team to do the same.
  • My top 3 methods to create momentum with your sales team, and stay on track.
  • Best habits to perform as a leader, and get the most out of your team.

Here's What Others Are Saying About

Building Your All-Star Team

"From overwhelm to clear vision!"

JM Ryerson is amazing! I had two trainings with him, one on mindset and one on the winning team playbook. He is very in tune with what YOU need as individuals. He wants to help each person succeed, and that is obvious through how he communicates. He really cares about the individual!

His training helped me specifically know WHAT to do with my direct sales team, how to lead them, and how to have my own strong culture. The tips in the winning team playbook series were exactly what I needed as I am working toward a better onboarding system and team culture. I had a team meeting last week and knew exactly what to do to help with leading it effectively thanks to his trainings, and have a very clear vision of how to go about it now vs being overwhelmed like I was before.

I can't recommend JM enough! Even just ONE training will get you motivated and ready to take action!

- Janae Pew
Norwex Independent, Sales Consultant

"It was amazing to see the transformation within my teams!"

JM is brilliant, compassionate, and funny! And his personal experience of growth and success is what really transcends him to the top of any mindset coach I've ever worked with. His teachings are all about a work/life balance and it was amazing to see the transformation within my teams after he not only helped them with the keys to success at work, but also at home and in life.

There has to be a balance and it's awesome that he gets that! It's been a couple of months since he coached my teams, and I can still see the difference with their sense of excitement, unity and positive attitude. What more could I ask for? I'll continue to use JM to motivate and empower my teams for many years to come.

- Taro Mikuni
Mikuni Japanese and Sushi Restaurants, Chief Dreaming Officer

Get Access To My Fundamental Sales Strategies To Building Your All-Star Team!

As a sales agent, you are only one person.

You only have limited time during the day.

When you focus on building an all-star team under you, you'll be able to achieve LEVERAGE, and exponentially increase your results.

Hope to see you on the inside.